The AMFII was set up in 1951 as “The Rayon Manufacturers’ Association”. In 1959, its name was changed to “Association of Man-Made Fibre Industry of India” to include all the modern Man-Made Fibres of 20th Century origin there by expanding its scope and membership. Thus, the Membership of the AMFII varied from time to time and included both Synthetic and Cellulosic Man-Made Fibres and Filament Yarn Manufacturers.

On 29th April 1987, the AMFII was registered as a Private Limited Company under section 25 A of the Companies Act 1956. It was also registered under section 12 of the Income Tax Act as an organization for charitable purpose for “advancement of an object of general public utility”.

The substantive objects for which the Association is established are:-

To promote & protect the interests of the Man-Made Fibre Industry & Trade.

To encourage friendly feeling and unanimity amongst man-made fibre manufacturers on all subjects connected with the common good of the industry.

The main object of the Association is to help the man-made fibre industry in India to formulate general policy on production and development of the industry. The Association acts as a point of reference for those who seek the industry’s views. It advises, consults and where necessary discusses with the Government on all aspects of Government policies which are likely to affect the production and growth of the man-made fibre industry. The Association also acts as a liaison body on behalf of the industry and communicates with the Chambers of Commerce and other public bodies within and outside India, with a view to promote and protect the man-made fibre industry and trade. In addition, the Association helps its members in a variety of ways with their individual day to day problems.

The Association has its Registered Office in Mumbai. It has a Branch Office in New Delhi.