Rayon Tyre Yarn (RTY)

Rayon is an excellent reinforcement material, which is used for Ultra high performance tyres and run flat tyres as it meets all requirements such as good adhesion to rubber and plastic, good heat ageing and chemical resistance, high modulus, low thermal shrinkage, good dimensional stability.

Yarn produced is either pre-twisted (60 tpm) or Zero twist depending on the customer requirement. The modulus of Viscose Rayon is much less influenced by temperature compared to modulus of other alternatives like polyester and nylon. A few advantages are:

  • High Tensile modulus
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • High Toughness
  • Good Adhesion
RTY Plants:
  • Shahad (Century Rayon Ltd.)
  • Kota (DCM Shriram Rayon)